Special Programs & Discounts

In addition to the Basic Benefits, where FMH pays a substantial portion of all of the costs, and Voluntary Benefits which allow you to upgrade your benefits, FMH offers other products and services that allow you to receive discounts and other privileges. The products on the following pages can be purchased on line or directly from the companies listed by identifying yourself as an employee of FMH when requesting the service.

Featured Vendors

Airport Fast Park Baltimore Airport Fast Park BaltimoreN/A
Best Buy Mobile Best Buy MobileN/A
Dell Computers Dell ComputersN/A
Dutch WonderlandDutch WonderlandUser Name: 123FMH
Password: Duke1
Enterprise Car Rental Enterprise Car RentalN/A
Hershey ParkHershey ParkCompany Code: 96474752
Getaway ClubGetaway ClubN/A
Learning Bee Child Development CenterLearning Bee Child Development CenterN/A
N & R Gourmet
Chef Services
N & R Gourmet Chef ServicesN/A
Retail BenefitsRetail BenefitsN/A
Six FlagsSix FlagsUsername: FRMEMHOSPAM
Shockley Service CenterShockley Service Center Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs
Sprint Request for Discount Form
Sport & HealthSport & HealthSpecial Employee Rate
Call 240-422-8319 for more information.
Ticket MonsterTicket MonsterCode: FMHTix1
Verizon WirelessVerizon WirelessN/A

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