Eligibility, Enrollment & Effective Date

Employee Eligibility
All full-time or part-time employees budgeted and regularly scheduled to work at least forty (40) hours per pay period are eligible to enroll in coverage as indicated in this brochure. Temporary employees are not eligible for benefits.

Dependent(s) Eligibility
In addition to the categories of employee eligibility listed above the following dependents are eligible for coverage.

• The lawful spouse of the employee
• Children of the employee until the end of the year in which they obtain the age of 26. Stepchildren of the employee may be eligible for coverage provided the employee can provide proof that the child resides with them and is claimed as a dependent on their income tax filing.

Employee Enrollment — New Hires or Newly Eligible
Employees have the responsibility of timely electing coverage. Employees will be provided a specified time period during the 30 days after their hire/eligibility to make all Basic Benefits benefit elections. Employees will be provided with an enrollment worksheet which will be mailed to their home address. This worksheet will include their username, password and instructions for using the online enrollment system, www.fmh.bswift.com. If election corrections are not made during the 30 day period following their hire/eligibility, the employee will not be given another opportunity to elect or change benefits until the next open enrollment period or eligible life event.

For Voluntary Benefits, newly eligible employees will be provided the opportunity to enroll at designated semi-annual Voluntary Benefit enrollment periods, conducted in late summer and early spring. Voluntary Benefits enrolled during these periods will be effective May 1st (early spring enrollment) and  November 1st (late summer enrollment). Employees are encouraged to enroll in Voluntary Benefits during their first enrollment opportunity to take advantage of guaranteed issue (no health questions) coverage. Employees enrolling after their first eligible enrollment period will need to
provide proof of good health to secure coverage. Employees will be informed of the upcoming Voluntary Benefit enrollment periods prior to the enrollment via mail, email and posters.

Open Enrollment
FMH annually offers an Open Enrollment period, typically in the fall of each year with an effective date of January 1, where employees can enroll or change coverage(s) including adding or dropping dependents.

Employee’s Effective Dates
Eligible employees, as described in Employee Eligibility, are covered under the plans as follows:
Basic Benefits (Health, Dental and Vision) – on the first day of the month following 30 days of full-time or part-time status (budgeted for forty (40) or more hours per pay period). Voluntary Benefits – on the first day of the month following 60 days of full-time or part-time status (budgeted for forty (40) or more hours per pay period).

New Hires and Employment Status Changes: Basic Benefit elections for new hires and recent employment status changes will be effective the 1st of the month after 30 days of employment or status change date. Voluntary Benefit elections for new hires and recent employment status changes will be effective May 1st or November 1st based on the enrollment period.

Mid-year Changes: IRS regulations allow for mid-year benefit changes within 30 days of a life status event as indicated below:

— Marriage/divorce/legal separation
— Birth/death/adoption/legal custody
— Spouse/eligible dependent loses/gains employment and benefits
— Reduction of hours/termination
— Address change/student status change

For birth/death/adoption/legal custody benefits are effective as of the date of the event. Benefits for all other life events are effective the first of the month after the event. When a life event occurs, the employee must notify HR within 30 days of the event to make corresponding plan changes. If the employee does not make changes within 30 days of the life event, the employee will not be given another
opportunity to elect or change benefits until the next open enrollment period.

PLEASE NOTE: Benefit elections will “Pend” until proof of the life event has been provided